Infant Room | Children from 6 weeks to 12 months old | Red Lion, PA
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Your infant will receive the proper care from an experienced staff

Children ages 6 weeks to 12 months are designated to our infant room, which provides a clean and comfortable environment where they receive the tender love and affection they need to promote optimal learning and fun.



A child's first experience with child care can be stressful, but our nurturing environment will help ease your child's anxiety. Our caregivers are dedicated to providing your child with lots of love and affection.


We want you to know exactly how your child's day went, so we'll provide you with a daily sheet documenting feedings, diaper changes, length and number of naps and general mood.


Our active play area provides a variety of age appropriate toys that will keep your child laughing, while stimulating their cognitive and social development. Learning through play is the best way to ensure growth.


Our staff is certified in fire safety, pediatric first aid, and CPR, so your son or daughter will always be safe.







Ensure your child enjoys a nurturing environment

We always welcome your suggestions, comments, and concerns.

Availability is based on child/adult radio. Call today to register your child!